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David Seeger

CEO, Director, Editor, Cameraman

David Seeger is the CEO of Today Video Inc. based in the New York Metropolitan area. A 3-time Emmy Winner, he has been nominated 5 times for his work on Network and Cable Television and is a member of the Directors Guild of America.

He is the Executive Producer and Creator of Punk Payback, with Bas Rutten, Executive Producer and Director of Photography for  Ticket To Ride with Dan Neil. He directed 2 Super Bowl Opens for ABC/ ESPN with Hank Williams and Kid Rock. He also filmed and directed Justin Bieber and Busta Ryhms for the NBA Christmas Day Games Show Open and Cee Lo Green and Goody Mob for the NBA Playoffs. He produced the 40th Anniversary DVD of The Allman Brothers Band at the Beacon Theatre.. David has directed over 90 music videos for Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club with such performers as Justin Timberlake, Christa Agulilara and Brittney Spears. He was the Director and Producer on many ABC home videos including, All My Children's Greatest Weddings, Erica Kane, Luke and Laura, Lover’s on the Run, General Hospital, and ABC’s The Hunks of Daytime.

David’s editorial credits span decades working on videos featuring Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Bon Jovi, Hall and Oats, Carley Simon and Lionell Richie, to name just a few. David is also a Knight of Malta, 9th degree Black Belt in Shorin Ryu Karate and has a BFA from NYU Film School.

Please visit to see David's latest invention.

David Seeger
Sam Seeger, Audio Services

Sam Seeger

Sound Production Services

Sam Seeger is everything audio, and everything else too. He wears many hats at Today Video.

Sam's main passion is sound, although he is quite versed in all aspects of  production and post-production having grown up in a crazy family of artists, animators, filmmakers and musicians for his entire life.

He has done mixing, scoring and sound design for viral web series (Cheap Thrills, Turnt Beauty), movie trailers (Double Play), short films (We’re So Slick), as well as T.V. commercials (Jamis Bikes) and TV pilots (Visits From Heaven). 

In addition, he has edited multi-camera concerts (The Allman Brothers 40th Anniversary at Beacon Theatre) as well as countless music videos which can be seen on his website:

Sam Seeger

Holly Whitstock  Seeger

President, Video Producer, Web Designer, Graphic Artist

Holly began her career at Hal Seeger Studios in 1978, animating the Peabody Award-winning series,"Cartoon-a-torial."

She began working in Computer Graphics as a Quantel Paintbox artist in 1984, working freelance in NYC with ABC, HBO, Showtime, MTV and VH-1. 

Once their first child of four was born, Holly began working exclusively with David as a video producer and graphic artist. In about 2000, she made her first website and over time has added that to her repertoire.


Learn more about her at her personal website:

Holly Whitsock Seeger
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